Welcome to EquipmentRentalStore.com

If you own or manage an equipment rental store, you've just found the best resource make it better. We help you:
  1. Grow Revenue
  2. Develop Better Customer Relationships
  3. Compete More Effectively and
  4. Gain Insight Into your area's rental requirements

Grow Revenue

EquipmentRentalStore.com can help you grow revenue, because more people will see your inventory. Our Search Engine marketing helps people use the web to find your equipment and your store and then rent equipment from you.

If people don't know your store exists and can't see your inventory, prices, and rental terms, they are less likely to rent from you. It's about exposure. We help you get exposure to a larger market of potential customers and grow revenue.

Develop Better Customer Relationships

Using our database technology, we store your customers' rental histories. They can use the system to record their experiences with the tools and help those renting after them understand those tools better. Your customers can even leave comments and reviews of the tools and provide feedback that will help you keep your equipment running smoothly.

The interactivity we help you provide your customers builds brand loyalty and customer retention. With an EquipmentRentalStore.com website you and your customers work together to build a great rental experience for all.

Compete more effectively

A lot of the major rental chains already have websites where their customers can browse, learn about, and reserve rental equipment. You need to give your customers that same level of interactivity to keep them happy and help them understand your business is forward thinking, intelligent, and responsive to their demands.

Gain Insight

Our technology tracks user searches and helps you understand what your potential customers want to rent. Are they looking for chainsaws or aerial lifts? Our unique insight into the mind of the customer helps you build a better equipment inventory list and grow revenue by catering to the needs of your particular customer community.