About Us

EquipmentRentalStore.com is a new startup founded by Kevin Cooper and Randall Minter. They are a power packed team with Kevin on the business side and Randall on the technical side.

Kevin Cooper

Kevin Cooper has helped lead merchandising, marketing, and product development teams at companies including: 7-Eleven, Ztar Mobile, and Blockbuster. From creating the first private branded prepaid wireless retail program in the U.S. called 7-Eleven Speak Out Wireless to managing the iconic Slurpee and Big Gulp beverage brands, Cooper continues to deliver fresh new retail merchandising ideas resulting in increased retail sales opportunities. Cooper’s latest adventures include helping lead the Sales and Marketing team at Ztar Mobile. Ztar Mobile recently expanded 7-Eleven’s prepaid wireless service to Singapore and continues to add new retail opportunities across Canadian outlets.

Randall Minter

Randall is an entrepreneur with over 15 years experience programming and building advanced database driven web applications. His unique approach to building websites helped him create Qrimp.com -- a pioneering achievement in cloud computing. Qrimp is also the powerful backend that makes EquipmentRentalStore.com possible.